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Thank you for visiting the Lead in the Moment blog!

Leadership through the service to others is the foundation from which Lead in the Moment was built upon.  The practice of Servant Leadership is an emerging trend that places the focus on the development of an organization’s associates.

I believe there is a fantastic opportunity in customer facing businesses and domains to strengthen relationships by embracing the moments that matter most.  The opportunity to lead and deliver on behalf of the customer lies within every member of an organization.  I have lived this vision throughout my career and want to transform the discipline of customer service by instructing others on these essential skills.  Leadership is not a title reserved for a lucky few, anyone can possess the skills necessary to lead.

I wanted to create an open forum to educate as well as learn how to employ the principles of Servant Leadership in order to change the face of how we do business.  I am passionate about the ideals of a servant-led organization, and enjoy discussing them at length. I welcome any dialogue, as this is a community of learning!

Thank you again for visiting, as I am humbled that you are joining me in searching  for those leadership moments that matter!

Kristin Widun


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