Heart and Soul


I’m not referring to the song we all used to play as a duet on the piano. Think about the heart and soul of your organization – your employees. Do you consider your employees as your heart and soul? Or do you see your employees as people there to perform their tasks and ensure your customers’ needs are met?

Numerous articles, blogs and tweets are dedicated to the quest of improving the quality of customer service your employees provide. While many of these tips may be valid and have merit; I wonder how many of these ideas may be further enhanced by the words “thank you.”

How many times do we show appreciation to our employees? I’m not talking about the holiday bonus check or annual employee picnic. I’m referring to the daily appreciation that you show to your employees by simply thanking them for their hard work. Everyone has something important to contribute to the overall success of your organization. If you choose to ignore this fact and do nothing, your employees may simply feel like no one cares, so why should they?

Yes, rewarding your employees with material items can have a strong impact on the overall satisfaction your employees feel. However, this can be a fleeting feeling as you cannot constantly provide material rewards each day, and the memory will fade rather quickly.

But, saying thank you doesn’t cost a thing! When was the last time you thanked your heart and soul?



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