Say What?


How many times have you been in a situation where you needed to tell someone something unpleasant and you just didn’t know how to do it? I was once told that you should deliver bad news just like ripping off a Band-Aid – painful, but quick. While you might feel better getting the messy stuff over with quickly, have you considered the impact this has on the person receiving the news? “Hi, please come into my office, by the way you stink when it comes to getting along with your co-workers.” This is the conversation that will get you results, right?

Messages are not always what you say, but how you say it. Since becoming a parent, I have learned that the shortest distance between a two-year old and a temper tantrum are a few words expressed the wrong way.   As a leader, it is important to understand how those around you perceive your message. Yes, we have all had those unpleasant encounters with others, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be negative. Using the correct words, intonation, and body language can make the difference between a short, productive conversation or the other person tuning you out and not hearing your message.

How do you deliver a negative message?


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