What Do You Stand For?


It’s not as easy a question to answer as one might think. How often have you given this statement any thought? In our hectic and crazy world, have you ever stopped to think about who you are and what do you care most about in life? I would be willing to bet that I am not the only one who needed the wake up call to figure this out. While this is important in our personal lives, it also becomes very important in our professional lives especially when we are called to serve those in an organization.

This led me to ponder a conversation I once had with someone whom I consider to be an expert in the practice of servant leadership. She gave me some interesting insights into her leadership style and how her spirituality has shaped her notions. She is truly an individual who does not live a divided life. Her genuine care and concern for others does not stop with her own family and friends – it extends throughout her professional career as well.

Her leadership philosophy is grounded in the practice of self awareness. She believes that a leader must first understand what motivates them to lead, by examining what they stand for as a person. Once a leader understands this, they can assist their employees with uncovering their passions and dreams, creating a better life for those they lead.

The development of people and the enhancement of their lives is what this particular leader stands for. As a leader – what do you stand for?


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