Under New Management


How many times have we seen this phrase posted on the outside of a business? Does this really change our perception about an organization if we know that someone new is in charge?

When a new leader takes over an organization, does this make a difference to employees? As a consumer, when we learn a business is under new management we typically expect big changes to take place. When a new leader enters our organization, do we expect the same?

I have often wondered why we place all of the responsibility of turning an organization around to one person? I agree that leadership is necessary for moving an organization in the right direction. Unfortunately, many forget that employees are just as important to changing the public perception of an organization. You may have the most skilled person leading your organization, but if your employees are still making the same mistakes, or possess a poor attitude, the “under new management” sign out front is just a waste of time.

How do you respond when you see an announcement about an organization being “under new management?” Unfortunately, when I see this sign, I tend to envision an organization that has experienced such poor customer service that they had no choice but to go out and get new management. While I realize this may not have been the scenario, to me it is just the sign that something was seriously wrong in the past.

Is the sign “under new management” the promise of something great, or is it a sign of past disasters? What do you think?


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