I Just Want To Give You Money


Over the past few months, I have used this phrase over and over again. It still amazes me that we live in a world where you cannot get a salesperson or company to give you a call when you want to employ their services or buy their product.

Most recently, we have experienced this trying to buy a car. Think about this – we live in Michigan – the birthplace of the automobile and we cannot get someone to either call us back or give us a straight answer. As a consumer, I don’t understand this; we want to give you money. As a former salesperson, I am appalled. I am surprised with this as I made my living from calling potential clients back in a timely fashion and delivering on what I promised. And news flash, the more clients I had the better my paycheck looked – not a complex idea.

I can understand if a company has too many clients or just doesn’t want my business – that is okay. However, it is not okay if they choose not to communicate this information to me up front. Simply ignoring a customer and hoping they will go away quietly does not bode well for an organization’s credibility. As a consumer, do you believe I am going to recommend this product or service to others if they do not come through for me?

Another case in point – I recently had a need for a landscaper and this was a huge challenge getting someone to show up and provide me with a quote. Even those companies who advertised all over town would not return my calls or follow up from an initial contact. We finally contracted with the only company that actually showed up and followed through on what they promised. It was the easiest contract they ever got – just showing up got them the business.

I have often said that I wish I were wealthy enough to allow the numerous opportunities to slip through my fingers as the many companies who just don’t have the time to return a phone call.


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