Selling Your Story


What happens when as a leader, you are expected to be the champion for change when you may not necessarily agree or believe in the change?

Change can be difficult and it is typically up to the leadership team to communicate a positive, united front to the entire organization. If you do not agree with the change, do you brush up on your acting skills and pretend that everything is great? Or, are you honest with your feelings and communicate this to your staff, jeopardizing team member buy-in?

The question we need to ask ourselves is this – If we as leaders have become award-winning actors, do our team members really buy what we are selling? Or, do they play the same game and pretend to agree with everything you say? How do we know we are getting a legitimate buy in from our team members if we are unable to communicate honestly?

Do you believe that the manner in which you convey your message is all that important to your team? When you experience organizational change, does your team mirror your attitude and/or demeanor, or is their behavior an example of how they truly feel, regardless of your attitude?

How do you “sell” your story if you do not believe in it?


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