When Did It Stop Being Special?


I was thinking the other day about businesses and how they target their customers. There are those who appeal to the masses and can be found everywhere. And there are those that appeal to a specific clientele, they are “special” because you cannot find them on every street corner.

As we have become a society that can satisfy any need by ordering it off of the Internet, do you believe these so-called specialty items are not so special anymore?
Everything exists online and many things you could only get in certain parts of the country can now arrive at your front door for a price. What about companies that laid their claim to fame in a specific city or state can now be found all over the world?

What comes to mind is in the early 90’s when the coffee phenomenon was just starting to take off. A coffee house was something unusual, something that only existed in the major cities. Now, they exist everywhere, even in the grocery store so you can get your coffee fix while shopping. Has this created a product that is now ordinary or cliché? I’m not saying that I will stop getting my Starbucks while cruising around Target because I like a good cup of coffee. To me, it just doesn’t seem as special as it once was, because it is everywhere. Keep in mind I am old enough to know a world where Starbucks only existed in Seattle, and if you wanted coffee, you made your own at home!

Understanding that corporations are in the business to turn a profit I get it, expansion is part of the game. But how do you become global while still maintaining that special feeling?


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