The Tank is Empty


You are driving down the road and don’t give much thought to how much gas you have in your car until that little light comes on telling you it is time to fill up. Unfortunately, humans do not have that little light that comes on when you are starting to feel depleted and empty. What happens when a leader runs out of fuel on their journey? And more importantly, how do they continue to lead when they feel they have nothing left in their tank?

Leadership can be difficult when you are consumed with caring for your organization as well as everyone within it. When times are good, it is easy to remain upbeat and energized to lead your organization forward. If you have the knowledge that everything is going well and all of your team members are happy and satisfied in their positions, leadership can be a more enjoyable experience. While we may have periods of this organizational utopia, it is difficult to maintain this type of environment on a consistent basis. People are not always going to be ecstatic to come to work every day, the ebb and flow of business demands can create challenges to how you operate your organization. These everyday tests can erode your spirit and make leading your organization drudgery instead of your passion.

When you find yourself dealing with the challenges that can wear down the most seasoned leader, from where do you draw your energy and spirit to keep leading?


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