After spending over 20 years in the hospitality industry, I uncovered what I believe is the key for customer service success, leading in the moments that matter and how servant leadership plays a role in this. This is what inspired me to start Lead in the Moment, LLC. At Lead in the Moment, I have coupled my industry expertise with my education and passion to create a forum to teach this to others.

My passion for leadership through service to others has led me to write:

– “A Winning Combination – Servant Leadership in the Hospitality Industry”

– “Redefining the Paradigm – Leadership and Imagination”

-“Hope and Second Chances – Redemption and Servant Leadership”

-“The Moments that Matter”

-“Rants, Raves, and Other Random Thoughts”

– The “Line Level Leadership in Hospitality” Series

All of these titles can be found on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com.

I have a curiosity about the relationship between leadership and the employee and what the impact is on customer service.

You can find our more about me and my servant leadership journey on my website, http://www.leadinthemoment.com



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